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What is Spineworld?

Spineworld was a social MMO game mainly aimed at younger teens and it operated from late-2007 (as Playdo 2.0) until April 27th 2010. It was founded by Playdo AB based in Sweden.

The art-stlye of Spineworld can be described as 'pixel-art' and 'steampunk'. As a user you were a humanoid character and you had a wide variety of clothes to buy and wear. In those rooms users could chat with each other, organize club and play games either as a team or opponents. Otherwise you could explore the breath-taking places of Spineworld and meet NPCs which most of them were fantasy creatures to do quests (later known as 'missions' in-game).

After Spineworld closed it was immediately replaced by 'Migoland' which was technically based on Spineworld and re-used most of the base assets. Migoland replaced the detailed 'pixel-art' looking rooms of Spineworld with some more cartoony look and generally had less depth than Spineworld. Migoland was highly critisized by Spineworld fans for simply being inferior to the precursor, having only 2 public rooms (compared to dozens on Spineworld) and for the introduction of a draconic chat filter that only accepted words that were on a whitelist.

Despite the sharp decline of players after the transition from Spineworld to Migoland, some fans kept being on Migoland until it shut down in 2016. In 2013 a guy from the Habbo Hotel private-server community named 'MaouKami' ressurected a build of Spineworld from mid-2008 and made a private server at spineworld.nl

Original game © Playdo AB. 2009.

Last update in 2020–05–26